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Collection Agua y Mar

With my serie Agua y Mar / Water and Sea I want to mirror and reflect on the relation between our two continents and our hemispheres. What I perceived in the Termas del Flaco in Chile was repeated in the energies of the Baltic Sea.

Agua y Mar

Collection Naturaleza y Mujer

In this Serie Naturaleza y Mujer / Nature and Woman the correspondence between nature and the female body occurs. The reproductive function of women and nature makes visible the aesthetics, sensitivity and sensuality, typical characteristics representative of the female gender.

Naturaleza y Mujer

Collection Fructus y Plantae

With my serie Fructus y Plantae / Fruits and Plants I want to display the beautiful colours radiating from the fruits and vegetables. 

All my gratitude to Mother Earth and the fruits that feed us! 

Fructus y Plantae

Collection Asanas

The Serie Asanas / Yoga postures begun in the period when I was drawing sketches in Academy of Fine Arts studying the human body. There I started a conversation with my body, giving this subject a new dimension.


Collection My Ancestors

With the serie My Ancestors I want to celebrate my roots in the Mapuche Culture and the connections it has to Mexican pre-Columbian culture. For me my connection with the earth and the spiritual world is very intense.

My Ancestors


This group Others is composed of different works created with impulse, and curiosity. After having worked in series I felt the need to continue with my fantasy, creating new images with different techniques, materials and expressions, in a spontaneous and fun way.


When I visited Berta in her studio a couple of years ago, I never imagined what an inspiring meeting it would be for me. I went in to the studio with one idea but came out with another one, completely different. Something in her art, which is the most pristine and pure expression of her person, moved me deeply. Was it perhaps the strong connection between mind, body and soul, the consistency, the honesty? Because I feel that Berta, besides having an enviable experience and technical ability, has that beautiful ability to through their art, approach us to intimate concepts of every human being, such as identity, the search for our origins, the contact with the body, nature, spirituality.... Concepts that go far beyond the symbolic and superficial, are joined in her art in a harmonious and natural manner.  

Carina Blomqvist- Former Executive Director- Chilean Swedish Cultural Institute